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Realtor Joseph Lewkowicz

The Home Selling Process

Joe Lewkowicz has been servicing the Tampa Bay area for 40+ years. His concentration has been centered around the Northwest territory, an area where Joe has been the top agent for at least a decade. Specializing in residential resale Joe sells more houses in this area than any other agent with sales doubling the next closest agent with any other company.

A member of the largest real estate brokerage in the world, Coldwell Banker- Joe is belongs to the NRT franchise- a real estate empire that was responsible for nearly $156 Billion in sales in the past year. Joe is among the top ½% in the country, which speaks very highly, considering that he is competing with agents in Beverly Hills, Manhattan and Miami Beach.

His personal mantra: “No-one works harder to sell your home!” has proven to work successfully throughout his career and has connected him with over thousands of buyers. Joe has helped sell over 3,000 homes that perfectly fit his client’s needs, but he is happy to assist anyone in the Tampa Bay area looking to buy or sell.

Joe's Marketing Real Estate Strategies

A Successful Marketing Plan

The prominence and success of their brand affords them the ability to spend millions of dollars on high quality marketing including top tier placements for listings on Zillow, Trulia and the most trafficked websites for home searches.  Coldwell Banker focuses their dollars on global and local marketing such as digital and media advertisement as well as more local sources like the Tampa Bay Times.

Keenly aware of the importance of marketing, Joseph Lewkowicz isn’t shy to spend several hundred thousand dollars of his own monies, each year, to market his properties to prospective buyers. Joe’s aggressive marketing strategies include: direct mailers, websites, paid advertising, and social media; In fact it may have been one of these very outlets that caused you to give him a call.

With a full-scale marketing plan, Joe attracts buyers to the area by creatively showcasing the neighborhoods. He realizes that the internet is a crowded field for attention and that is why all of his work is done with the highest quality & appeal in mind. This is how Joe ensures that more people will see your home, resulting in the maximum potential sales price.

Offline Marketing


The Lewkowicz Gazette is one of the first of its kind in North Tampa real estate marketing. The edition aims to share information easily, the publication transforms real estate listings and market reporting.

Direct Mailers

Joe has been utilizing direct mailers as a tactic to sell a home. This targets specific zip codes in North Tampa successfully. Listing your property through direct mailers gives listings a market advantage.

Broker Notes

Broker Notes covers the best North Tampa Real Estate has to offer in the worlds of waterfront lake homes, golf course neighborhoods, equestrian properties, country clubs, and residential listings.

Online Marketing

Social Media

Joseph Lewkowicz uses his business and professional branding social media channels to gain market advantage and large a niche demographic to expose residential listing for his properties.

Listing Videos

Joseph Lewkowicz uses cutting-edge technology and listing videos to showcase residential listings in the North Tampa Bay Area. The videos highlight the home and its unique selling points to buyers.

Other Sites

Joe stays ahead of the curb with his affiliations with sites like Zillow, Tulia, and Joe spends significant paid advertising dollars keeping listings at the top of search engine searches.

Tips On How To Get Your Home Sold

Lewkowicz Listing Videos

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``No-One Works Harder To Sell Your Home!``