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Cheval, FL Housing Market Trends

The Cheval housing market is bustling with activity, signified by its very competitive nature. Though the median sale price has slightly decreased from the previous year, the rapid selling time and overall competitiveness of the market make Cheval an interesting study for real estate enthusiasts.

Market Trends and Performance

  • Pricing Trends: The median sale price of a home in Cheval stood at $567K last month, showing a decrease of 14.3% since last year. Meanwhile, the median sale price per square foot is $255, up by 0.8%, suggesting an adjustment in property values.
  • Selling Time: Homes in Cheval are being sold at a lightning pace, with an average selling time of just 23 days, a bit slower than last year's 10 days. Hot homes go pending in around 6 days, reflecting the urgency among buyers in this market.
  • Price Negotiation: Average homes in Cheval are selling for about 2% below the list price, while hot homes can sell for around the list price. This provides an insight into the negotiation landscape in this highly competitive environment.

Cheval Competitive Landscape

Cheval's market is marked by:

  • Slow Selling Time: Homes sell in just 23 days, with many homes getting multiple offers and some even receiving waived contingencies.
  • Hot Homes Performance: These attractive properties can sell for around the list price and go pending in as few as 6 days, highlighting the heated competition.

Cheval Migration & Relocation Trends

The migration patterns in Cheval offer some intriguing observations:

  • Local Moves: A substantial 68% of Cheval homebuyers have shown a preference to stay within the metropolitan area, possibly reflecting the area's attractiveness or stability.
  • Outbound Relocation: Meanwhile, 32% have sought to move out of Cheval, with Sarasota, Orlando, and Asheville as popular destinations, indicating differing needs or prospects. 
  • Inbound Relocation: Across the U.S., 2% of homebuyers are considering Cheval as their new home, with New York, Washington, and Chicago residents showing particular interest. This suggests Cheval's growing reputation as a desirable location.


The Cheval housing market offers a rich tapestry of opportunities and challenges. The very competitive nature, slight decrease in pricing, and the dynamics of quick sales and relocations present a multifaceted picture.

For homebuyers, sellers, or investors, these insights could provide a vital understanding of Cheval's real estate scene. While the market's competitive, the decrease in price and number of homes sold compared to last year could be indicative of underlying trends worth close monitoring. Understanding Cheval's unique blend of characteristics can guide wise real estate decisions, whether seeking to invest, buy, or find the perfect community to reside in.

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