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Carrollwood, FL Housing Market Trends

The Carrollwood housing market is currently in a state of intense competition, drawing attention for its rapid selling time and complex pricing trends. Though prices have seen a decrease from the previous year, the market's competitive nature offers a distinctive landscape for buyers and sellers.

Market Trends and Performance

  • Pricing Trends: The median sale price of a home in Carrollwood was $523K last month, an increase of 48.1% since last year. The median sale price per square foot stands at $244, up 5.4% over the same period, highlighting a shift in pricing dynamics.
  • Selling Time: Homes in Carrollwood are selling at an extraordinary pace, averaging only 14 days on the market, same as last year. Hot properties go pending in as little as 6 days, a testament to the market's competitiveness.
  • Price Negotiation: Average homes in Carrollwood sell for about 3% below the list price, while hot homes can sell for about 2% above the listing price, illustrating the varied negotiation environment in this highly competitive market.

Carrollwood Competitive Landscape

Carrollwood's market is characterized by:

  • Quick Selling Time: Homes sell in 14 days, with many properties receiving multiple offers, some even with waived contingencies. 
  • Hot Homes Performance: These sought-after properties can sell for about 2% above list price and go pending in around 6 days, emphasizing the need for buyers to act swiftly.

Carrollwood Migration & Relocation Trends

Carrollwood's migration patterns reveal interesting dynamics:

  • Local Moves: A notable 68% of Carrollwood homebuyers choose to stay within the metropolitan area, possibly reflecting satisfaction with the local lifestyle or economic conditions.
  • Outbound Relocation: 32% have searched to move out of Carrollwood, with Sarasota, Orlando, and Asheville being favored destinations, hinting at other preferences or opportunities. 
  • Inbound Relocation: Nationwide, 2% of homebuyers are looking to move into Carrollwood, with New York, Washington, and Chicago residents showing significant interest, potentially highlighting Carrollwood's broader appeal.


Carrollwood's housing market is marked by its very competitive nature and recent decrease in pricing. The dynamics of quick sales, hot home performance, and both inbound and outbound migration present a multifaceted picture of a market in motion.

For potential investors, homebuyers, or sellers, these trends offer valuable insights that could shape strategic decisions. Understanding this competitive landscape could be key to seizing opportunities or finding a satisfying community in Carrollwood. Whether the market's recent price decrease is a short-term fluctuation or part of a broader trend may be an essential consideration for future market watchers.

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