• February 28, 2017

How Well Does Your Agent Really Sell Homes?

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How Well Does Your Agent Really Sell Homes?

The top agents always seem to have an absurd number of homes sold… 1,000 homes, 1,500 homes. Agents like this occasionally state they have sold over 2,000 homes. Is this too good to be true?

Most of the time, the answer is yes.

What those agents fail to convey is that those numbers are the cumulative numbers for sales teams they have been members of. If a sales force of 50 professionals sells 500 homes total, each agent who is a part of that team has the capability to list those 500 homes as their own, even if they personally only sold 10.

This can be very deceiving when looking for a capable Tampa real estate agent to sell your home. While looking at their sales numbers, you should pay special attention to certain aspects of their reported number.

Is it The Agent, or Their Team?

If your prospective agent lists any sales team that they have been involved with, don’t immediately take their listed sales numbers to be a representation of the actual work they have done. As previously mentioned, it is common for real estate agents to inflate their total sales numbers by using those that other salesmen have contributed to.

While not every agent who uses their sales team’s numbers is inefficient at selling homes, it is a misrepresentation of their efficiency, unless they explicitly state that the total number of homes they have sold has contributions from other agents.

Using a team’s sales numbers is a bit of a gray area. While technically not infringing on any regulations, it is up to you to decide if it is moral for an agent to claim involvement in the sale of hundreds of homes if they only marginally contributed.

Also Look at Closing Percentage

If an agent has sold 200 homes but has attempted to sell 400, they are only effective salesmen 50 percent of the time. Conversely, if an agent has sold only 45 homes, but has represented the owners of 50 different houses, they perform the role with much more efficiency.

The percentage of home sales closed compared to those listed is not at all definitive of whether or not an agent will be able to sell your home. However, it can serve as a useful indicator to help you determine whether or not they are an agent that you will want to spend money hiring.

When in Doubt, Reach Out

If the agent’s statistics are not enough to win you over, ask them for a list of recent clients. Reaching out to people who have worked with your prospective North Tampa realtor will give you a firsthand account of how they performed while selling their home.

It is important to reach out to multiple clients in order to accrue a general consensus about the agent and not hear just one opinion that may happen to be from the agent’s immediate family member.

The business world is rife with deception, and real estate agents are no different. Do all that you can in order to cut through the guise and see if they are really worth your time (and money).

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