• March 24, 2017

4 Reasons To Focus on Curb Appeal

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4 Reasons To Focus on Curb Appeal

When attempting to sell your home, curb appeal can be a major determinant for whether your home receives the attention it deserves. While your home may feature an impressive property with a beautiful interior, potential buyers will be less likely to notice this if you home has poor curb appeal. Given the importance of this one characteristic, here are four reasons to focus on curb appeal when attempting to sell your home without a real estate agent.

1. It is the first thing potential buyers see
No matter what prior knowledge a potential buyer has of your home, the image of your home from the curb will be the first deciding factor on whether or not they want to walk in the door. Whether the potential buyers are viewing this image in person or looking at a photograph posted to a home selling service, this image will become their mental representation of your home throughout the buying process. Poor curb appeal will quickly convince buyers that the other features of your home are simply not worth their time.

2. You want your home to stand out
It is no surprise that the housing market has drastically recovered since its crash in 2008. Given this recovery, there are more people than ever attempting to sell their home. With a market saturated with thousands of homes, it is important that you do everything possible to make your home stand out. Since the image from the curb will be the deciding factor on whether buyers will continue with the buying process, it is important to focus on curb appeal at all times. Poor curb appeal will cause potential buyers to quickly move on to other homes, even if these homes have less property size or interior features.

3. It is easy to improve
While curb appeal is a very important aspect of selling your home, it is also the easiest to improve. When viewing your home from the curb, pay special attention to anything which seems to take away from the image of your home. Aspects which reduce curb appeal could be as simple as dead grass, hanging gutters, broken windows, or chipped paint on the garage door. With a small budget and a dedicated weekend, you can likely make drastic improvements to these items that are taking away from your overall curb appeal.

4. It can reveal other features of your home
As stated before, curb appeal will determine whether you are able to attract buyers deeper into the buying process for your home. In addition, it can be used as a practical tool for revealing many of the impressive features of your home which go beyond the curb. For example, if your home features a large backyard with a swimming pool, you may feel inclined to leave your side gate open or use a screen which allows buyers to see parts of this pool from the curb. Or if your home has a large garage which can be used to store cars and operate as an independent workspace, you would probably consider making this visible for buyers viewing your home from the curb.

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