• February 13, 2017

Your Agent’s Listings: What to Look Out For

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Your Agent’s Listings: What to Look Out For

Staging, managing finances, and possibly renovating are just a few of the many responsibilities you will incur when preparing to sell your home. One of the most significant of your obligations, however, will be to find a real estate agent you can trust to sell your home.

While there are many different attributes that an ideal real estate agent will have, it is also critical that you work with an agent who has experience in selling homes that are similar to yours.

Go Through Their Listings

Proficient, established agents will have their current listings available online to the public. When searching for the right liaison between you and the potential buyer for your North Tampa real estate property, take the time to look into the properties that they are working with; do they have the same characteristics as yours? Are they in the same area? Is there anything similar at all?

An agent can be as talented as you could ever dream, but if they mostly work with properties that are dissimilar to the one you are attempting to sell, they may not know how to effectively capitalize upon the major aspects of your home that will drive buyers to close the deal.

Do They Know Your Selling Points?

If you own a two-story house in the suburbs, don’t look for an agent who mostly handles waterfront properties that sell for over $1 million. Similarly, if you own very unique, expensive property, such as a large, expansive home with ornate columns that decorate the front patio, then you do not want to enlist the help of an agent whose working price range is far below your home’s value.

Someone who is familiar with your type of home knows exactly what to point out to buyers when they come to see the property. Not only does this make them a good salesman to facilitate the purchase of your home due to their experience, but they are also used to frequently dealing with the exact type of buyer who is interested in your property.

Check Out Their Portfolio, Too

So, you’ve found an agent who has sold homes just like yours: great! However, you need to dig a little deeper to make sure your real estate agent can actually sell your home efficiently.

It is important to consult their sales history and research what percentage of homes out of those listed they have sold. For example, compare two agents: Agent A has sold 25 homes out of the 25 homes they have listed, while Agent B has sold 50 homes out of the 100 they have listed. Agent B has sold a larger total volume of property, but Agent A is far more reliable.

Looking through an agent’s portfolio can help you determine how effective they really are. Just because they have sold homes like yours in the past does not necessarily guarantee they can sell your home today.

While buyers searching for new Tampa Real Estate property are conventionally the ones who browse listings, sellers who are searching for real estate agents to work with can utilize listings as valuable resources, as well.

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