• June 3, 2017

Why You Should Install a Pedestal Sink

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Why You Should Install a Pedestal Sink

When preparing your home for market, you will likely look to make simple yet meaningful improvements in order to boost overall value. Among the many items which will make your home more appealing, you might be surprised to learn that pedestal sinks can be the difference between a buyer making a deal or walking away. These sinks have proven to be a very popular trend within the home improvement market, making their buyer appeal very realistic. To help you understand this odd trend, below are reasons why you should install a pedestal sink when selling your home.

Attract Buyers
Pedestal sinks are a very attractive option to potential home buyers for a number of reasons. While you might not personally like the look or function of a pedestal sink, it is important to remember that you are essentially preparing your home for someone else. Given the popularity of pedestal sinks, it would only make sense to install one in your least appealing bathroom in order to increase buyer attraction and attention.

Improve the Look of Your Bathroom
Pedestal sinks are increasingly more popular because buyers believe they improve the look of any bathroom. While the design trend once featured sinks which were built into a bathroom countertops, this style has faded within recent years. Buyers in the present day believe pedestal sinks look better than their previous counterpart, making the demand for them in the housing market that much higher; as it a result, they also make it easier to sell your home.

Increase Bathroom Space
Besides looking better than counter based sinks, pedestal sinks drastically improve the amount of space in a given bathroom. Since much of the style in contemporary interior design features open spaces, especially in smaller rooms, buyers will immediately notice the presence of a pedestal sink. Bathrooms with larger sinks will seem crowded, making the need to update them very practical if you are looking to sell your home in a timely manner.

Easy to Install
While it is clear that pedestal sinks are popular and will boost the appearance of your home, they are also easy to install. While you may need a plumber to assist with specific water concerns, many homeowners are able to install pedestal sinks without professional help. This makes the possibility of adding a pedestal sink very realistic, especially when compared to improvement projects which require excessive time, effort, and money.

Relatively Cheap
While home buyers are very attracted to the look of a pedestal sink, many tend to not pay attention to the particular brand or assumed quality. Because of this, many homeowners have been able to find cheap pedestal sinks at a variety of home improvement stores. Like anything, it is possible to get caught up in branding and spend too much money on a pedestal sink. Once again, it is important to remember you are essentially buying this sink or someone else and not yourself. By purchasing a cheap sink and installing it yourself, you will quickly find this to be one of the cheapest home improvement projects out there.

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