• April 11, 2019

The Common Signs of an Unreliable Real Estate Agent (Plus Bonus Tips to Sell)


The Common Signs of an Unreliable Real Estate Agent (Plus Bonus Tips to Sell)

There are many people that have a real estate license, but this does not always mean you can rely on them. Many people who are selling their house don’t realize who they are working with until problems arise halfway through the process. When selling, it’s important to keep everything as smooth as possible by working with an agent that you can trust. To find a reliable real estate agent, you might have to do your own research, ask the right questions and be aware of the signs.

Tampa real estate agent, Joe Lewkowicz, confirms in his April livestream that there are many cases of real estate agents who do not know what they’re doing and are not accessible to their clients. He says that many people come into the real estate business because it looks good, and they believe there is good money that can be made from it. Some really study the market and work hard to help their clients, while some do the opposite. Here are some other signs of an unreliable real estate agent.

Bad Communication

An unreliable real estate agent might lack communication skills and may be hard to keep in touch with. Some agents leave their clients in the dark and don’t update them with the sale. A good agent is going to always keep you updated, even on the little things.


When selling your house, a smooth-running process is important to have a successful sale. An agent that cancels or shows up late to appointments is a red flag. At this point, you won’t have any trust due to the agent’s lack of professionalism.

Inexperienced or Undedicated

Some agents treat real estate as their side hustle and might have a second job. Some are inexperienced and do not do their homework on learning about real estate. It’s important to work with someone who treats being a real estate agent as their primary career. This way, when you sell your house, you can have an agent who is accessible as much as possible, knows all about the real estate market and can answer any complex questions you may have.

In general, don’t be afraid to ask your real estate agent questions to get to know them, and do some research on who they work for. If you don’t feel comfortable communicating with your agent, and they seem to be disorganized, then you might want to find someone else to work with or contact someone well-established and reputable like Joe Lewkowicz.

Joe Lewkowicz goes over many other important topics in his livestream including making your home stand out in a competitive market and how to list your house.

To make your home stand out and look more appealing, you can invest in some cheap upgrades. If you have a bright colored room in your house, paint it a neutral tone. Joe says that neutral shades sell very well. You should also make sure your front yard is well-kept. You can even add some mulch for a quick, fresh look.

When listing your house, the best decision you can make is contacting Joe. He is happy to discuss your goals with selling. Joe is always a step ahead of the real estate market and is always aware of the trends. If you want to stay updated, be sure to watch to Joe’s April livestream.

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