• February 4, 2017

Talk to a Real Estate Agent’s Recent Clients

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Talk to a Real Estate Agent’s Recent Clients

Nobody can review an agent’s services better than the people who most recently worked with them. So, talking to a prospective agent’s past clients is a great tool for deciding if they are the best fit for your North Tampa real estate transaction.

How can you find past clients? You can outright ask the agent for client references and begin by contacting them with your questions. If you’re uncomfortable asking the agent or would like a more unbiased opinion, try an Internet search for reviews on the agent or ask local friends and family if they know anyone who has worked with them in the past. The more people you are able to get in contact with, the better idea you will have about the agent’s work.

What questions should you ask? Real estate transactions can often be lengthy processes; this means that clients get to know their real estate agents fairly well, and have often interacted with them on both good and bad days.

You might begin by asking the past clients how flexible and patient the agent was. Whether you are buying or selling a property with a North Tampa realtor, a real estate transaction is a huge commitment involving important decision after important decision. The more reasonable and accessible an agent is, the more pleasant the buying or selling experience will be.

Next, ask past clients what type of property they enlisted the agent’s help for. Clients who worked with the agent to buy or sell the same type of property as yours will be most helpful. For residential properties, ask: what neighborhood is the home in? What condition was the home in before it was sold? What special features, if any, does the home have? These questions will help you determine how comparable your property is to the past clients’ and gain a better understanding of the realtor’s niche market.

You should also ask specific, open-ended questions about the transaction process itself. These should touch on the asking price versus selling price of a home, the time a home spent on the market, and how helpful the agent was in dealing with major issues with the home, such as inspections or legal paperwork. The answers to these types of questions will provide insight into how well the agent knows the market you are working in, and how much general real estate experience they have.

Finally, ask the clients if they had any remarkably great or remarkably poor experiences while working with the realtor. Reports of exceptional service or working well under pressure and adversity could be exactly what you need to hear in order to work with the agent.

How much authority should you give client reviews? As with reviews of virtually any product or service, there will be outliers. These, such as reports of horrendous service or rave reviews with absolutely no issues found, should be taken with a grain of salt.
If ten people can tell you that a realtor provides great services and knows their market, but tends to be late to meetings, you can probably expect the agent to be late a few times in the transaction process.

So, what next? Once you have gathered what you consider sufficient information from past clients, decide if the benefits outweigh the risks. Remember, nobody is perfect, but a realtor with a several bad reviews is unlikely to give you the level of service you need to complete a stress-free, timely real estate transaction.

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