• August 30, 2017

Six Way To Sell Your Home On Facebook

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Six Way To Sell Your Home On Facebook

Selling your home is all about timing. If you don’t know the market well enough your home can sit for months with no interested buyers. And with no expertise on how to use online listing services, you might feel stuck. Luckily, if all else fails, there’s always social media to the rescue.

Social media sites like Facebook can be a great source to see if your followers are interested. Given that many people on your page are friends and family, it will be easy to communicate with those who wish to learn more about your home. Also, using social media, like Facebook is a powerful tactic to help sell a home fast.

Here are six ways on how to use Facebook to sell your home:

Find A Facebook-Savvy Agent
If you want to take advantage of Facebook to sell your home, then hire a real estate agent who uses Facebook frequently. Since, Facebook has new material presented on it daily, it doesn’t take much for something to travel around and appear on a potential buyer’s feed. This is why you need to hire a professional who knows the ins and outs of using Facebook to sell a home.

Familiarize Yourself With Facebook’s Algorithms
Understanding how Facebook works is all about the algorithms used. Everyday, Facebook is constantly tweaking its algorithms that make the decisions for users about what they should or would want to see in their newsfeed. So if you want to stay current, consider streaming a live Facebook video of you giving a tour of the home.

Add Photos
Aside from writing posts, people love posting pictures on Facebook. So use this as a way to post pictures of your home. Take quality shots and focus on the houses strong points. Or better yet, have your real estate agent professionally photograph your home.

Don’t Link Anyone
What we mean by this is, don’t directly link anyone to your listing. This is because Facebook, wants its users to stay on its page rather than navigate away to other sites. So if you post a link to your listing, Facebook will most likely give you less online traffic.

Instead, consider posting an image to attract interest first, then in the comments, post the link to the listing or real estate agent’s website.

Pay Or Boost Your Posts
It’s not a bad thing to post a Facebook ad. Paying Facebook to boost your ads can be as low as $3. People may think it costs a fortune, but it only looks like that. Boosting an ad can also attract hundreds of people. The more you spend, the more attention it reaches.

Take Videos
Videos are a great way for people to explore you house virtually. But if you want to take it a step further, consider taking drone videos. Drones can get footage from any angle or corner of the house. Use the drone to highlight the spacious backyard or its beautiful views around the neighborhood. You can post all of this on Facebook.

Remember, if all else fails, retreating to social media to sell your home fast, is a great option.

Stress is one of the largest concerns when selling a home. Staging, managing finances and documents, and simultaneously juggling the rest of your life can be completely draining. However, one thing is certain about selling your home: it’s a lot easier when you have a solid real estate agent to handle it. Remember, No-One Works Harder to Sell your Home more than Joe! Contact Joe today by calling 813-908-7293 or visit https://josephlewkowicz.com/