• November 21, 2016

Joe Lewkowicz’s Secrets to Real Estate Success

Joe Lewkowicz’s Secrets to Real Estate Success

Joe Lewkowicz is considered an expert authority on the North Tampa Bay real estate market for his personalized customer service and unprecedented ability to get homes off the market in very little time and for the right prices.

To help his clients sell their homes, Joe provides them with insider tips and tricks that ensure a home not only attracts buyer interest, but also gets off the market and stays off the market. To accomplish this goal, Joe has perfected the art of pricing homes, staging them, and making recommendations to pass inspections, in his more than 35 years of real estate experience.

Realistically pricing a home is key to getting it off the market fast. An important aspect to pricing, which Joe Lewkowicz knows better than almost anyone, is timing. April and May are peak months to list a home in the North Tampa Market, while June and July also serve as successful months. If a home is priced too high in the fall, it is unlikely to see offers within its first few months of listing, a bad sign for potential buyers.

In addition to smart pricing, staging plays a big role in bringing in offers. Joe emphasizes to his clients the importance of hiring a professional or asking an experienced realtor for advice in staging homes. With decades of real estate experience, many of those in luxury neighborhoods, Joe Lewkowicz can spot a well staged home in no time, something he knows will push potential buyers to make an offer.

Selling within a month of listing is positive news for buyers, but Joe Lewkowicz has been known to get homes off the market in just days.

“We put our house on the market on a Friday. We showed it on Sunday, and on the next day came a contracted offer at full asking price,” Danny Wilson, one of Joe’s recent clients said.

Another of Joe Lewkowicz’s clients shared in a video testimonial how impressed he was with Joe’s ability to attract offers to his home. “We sold our house the first day we had it on the market, and at full price,” the client said. “It couldn’t have been any quicker!”

Getting a home off the market is one thing, but it’s a completely separate task to make sure a home stays off the market. This is where Joe’s decades of experience benefit his clients in a major way. Joe is no stranger to home inspections and strongly suggests his clients take care of any structural problems that could jeopardize the home inspection.

Joe cites some of the most common inspection problems in the North Tampa as old roofs and pools that are not up to recent code. It is important to tend to these problems early, as a buyer is likely to pull an offer on a home that does not pass inspection, Joe stresses.

In addition to pricing, staging, and inspection preparation, Joe offers his clients the best of real estate marketing and a highly personalized customer service experience. Joe reminds clients that “No-one works harder to sell your home,” because he puts in the time, effort, and money necessary to sell homes and keep them sold.

To experience the scope of real estate services Joe Lewkowicz brings to the North Tampa area, visit his website, josephlewkowicz.com, or call him directly at 813-908-7293 today!