• August 1, 2017

Redfin’s Best Kept Secret is its Customer Service

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Redfin’s Best Kept Secret is its Customer Service

With all the online listing services out there, it’s tough finding the right website with the best services to sell your home, especially customer service. This is because most online listing websites are setup as a do-it-yourself kind of way, allowing you to customize your searches and sort through filters without any assistance.

Although this is great for an experienced individual, it may be difficult for first time users. Most of the time, buyers and sellers don’t know where to start. They peruse the website only to be bombarded with so many options and good deals, it’s hard to organize it all in their head. So then, they are left puzzled, with tons of unanswered questions, and no where near getting the job done.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, not with Redfin, anyway. Redfin.com offers premier customer service, online or by phone, and it caters to both buyers and sellers. So, any questions or concerns you have, consumers should feel free to share it with Redfin.

In an online survey, conducted by Redfin, survey says their best-kept secret would be their exceptional customer service skills. Because they survey people all day, everyday– when they tour homes, when they make offers, when they cancel listings, when they sell their house– they know if they’re doing something wrong.

One of the key components Redfin’s survey asks for are talking to the consumer way before they are committed to anything. Redfin believes by just conversing with the buyers and sellers, the agents will get a good feel of what the consumer wants and needs. This will then make for a smoother ride for the consumer.

Moreover, Redfin goes above and beyond to make sure the customers are happy. Your happiness is so important to Redfin because believe it or not, your mood can make or break a deal. Therefore, by complying to the customers needs and leading them in the right direction, almost 95% of the time, buyers and sellers are happy and eager to work with Redfin more.

Lastly, the fact that they negotiate a good deal for you shows their exceptional customer service skills. They are online, 24/7, so logging on to your computer or smartphone is not a problem when you need to negotiate a deal you came across. Redfin will help and lay out the pros and cons of the deal. Helping you decide what’s the best fit for you and the future.

Now, although Redfin’s customer satisfaction ratings are the most under-marketed aspect of Redfin’s service, doesn’t mean they won’t stop at nothing to provide consumers the best there is in online listing services. In an industry where professionals seek to deceive others, it is refreshing to have a platform, like Redfin, dedicated to integrity and customer service.

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