• May 26, 2017

Pay Attention to Your Wood Floors

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Pay Attention to Your Wood Floors

Among the many aspects buyers will notice in a home, your floors are right at the top. This is especially true if you have wood floors. While owners with carpet or tile can usually find a way to conceal damage and abrasions, this is almost impossible with hardwood floors. In order to help you sell your home quickly without giving the wrong impression, below are critical reasons why you must pay attention to your wood floors.

Among homeowners with floor floors, most have wood floors which take up a majority of the home. Floors are often the first and last thing buyers notice when viewing a home, making their upkeep and appearance that much more important. Since your wood floors likely take up large areas, like the living room or dining room, it is important to pay attention to them to assess how they could look better before buyers begin to arrive. Careful attention to your wood floors can be the make it or break it aspect for any potential buyer.

One of the most obvious problems with wood floors is they are susceptible to damage over a period of time. While you cannot easily stain wood floors like with carpet, you can scratch the wood by doing something as simple as moving the couch. While most people understand that all wood floors do not come without damage, many buyers will look to pass on the property when selling your home because they will see themselves investing too much time and effort in getting them repaired. If you notice your wood floors have heavy scuffs or abrasions, be sure to have these refinished before buyers visit your home. While you do not have to spend an arm and a leg repairing the entire floor, large scuffs and scratches must be addressed immediately.

Another important aspect of hardwood floors is their shine. Like any other wooden surface in your home, the shine will play in important role in attracting a buyer’s attention rather than making them simply walk by. Since your floors are the most noticed part of your home, lack of shine could signal to a buyer that your floors are old and neglected. Be sure to apply a wood polishing product to your floors well before buyers begin to arrive. Most of these products are inexpensive, and will ultimately determine how a buyer wants to proceed during the viewing process. If you are unsure which products will work best for your floor, consider using the internet to perform some self-research. Depending on your type of wood and age, you should be able to find a product which makes your floors look brand new again.

Excessive Rugs and Furniture
While some homeowners have floors which are less than impressive, others have floors which can really capture the attention of a potential buyer. Even those with great floors tend to have a problem with covering them with excessive rugs or furniture. While you might have a great living room set, it is important to assess whether or not this furniture is stealing the show away from your impressive wood floors. Since buyers key in on floors, consider removing extra rugs and furniture which cover their true glory.

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