• November 19, 2017

Joe Lewkowicz November Market Recap Report


Joe Lewkowicz November Market Recap Report

The holiday season is a prime time to buy a house with low-interest rates and flattened prices. While the selling aspect does take a slight decline, it is guaranteed to pick up from April to July.

Hiring handy men and contractors often depend on whether a realtor has quality connections. Trying to find reliable workers is one of the bigger issues in the real estate market. Insuring your chosen realtor has decent contractors lined up is an essential part of their services.

Even though Florida winters are not the coldest, there are still plenty of factors that buyers look for in a house. Double pained windows are becoming a standard item in newly constructed buildings. It saves on electricity and proves to be a good investment over the long run, especially if someone plans to live in the house 10+ years. Those who are selling older houses, specifically those built between 1970-1985, that choose to install these windows might not recoup all the money spent on the remodeling, but it is an important piece to have to compete with newer housing.

Fire pits are replacing the desire for fireplaces due to their style and convenient usage. Needing or wanting a fireplace has come down to the buyer’s expectations. There is no need to install a fire pit for the sake of selling unless you so choose. When showing off a house, if there is fire pit or fireplace, make sure they are on and working. Highlighting these items adds flare to the overall design of the house and gives buyers a chance to get the full effect of these add-on features.

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Pricing averages for the winter season in Tampa do flatten out, but they have increased compared to last year’s prices. Northwest Tampa had roughly 906 sales between September 1st and November 15th with the median price being $310,000, jumping from $270,000 last season. Going into the New Year, the median price is expected to stay the same, but sales might decrease to about 500. For more information visit https://josephlewkowicz.com/livestream

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW9xoUK1Kmo&feature=youtu.be
Website: https://josephlewkowicz.com/livestream