• May 23, 2017

Make Your Yard Pristine

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Make Your Yard Pristine

Curb appeal always makes the list for important factors to consider before buying a home. After all, the outside of your home is the first thing any potential buyer will see. So, no matter how beautifully decorated, updated, and well-kept the inside of your home may be, if the outside is lackluster, buyers could lose interest. Additionally, sprucing up your landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 10 percent, making it an important step in preparing your home for the market.

A beautiful yard is one aspect of your home’s curb appeal that can take your property from average to great, or from great to fantastic. Lush, green grass is always a welcome sight for buyers, and taking time to spruce up the other elements of your yard and landscaping goes a long way in the selling process.

Most real estate experts suggest that you give yourself at least a month before you plan to start showing your home to work on fixing up your home’s landscaping. Keeping your grass green and neatly trimmed is only one aspect of preparing your home’s exterior; the other aspects of landscaping—plants, mulch, containers, etc.—are what will really impress buyers who come to visit your property.

Add mulch or decorative rocks to increase contrast.
Depending on the color and style of your home, either mulch or rocks can be used to increase contrast between green areas of your lawn and add some depth to the overall look of your home. While mulch tends to be cheaper, rocks are an interesting alternative that can give homes a more modern look and feel. Both options are easy to find and apply.

Out with the old and in with the new.
While it is important to shape and trim any unruly plants, shrubs, or trees that have been around your home for a while, you should also consider removing them if you think they make your home look outdated or are simply beginning to approach the end of their lives. Nothing depreciates your staging your home like dead, mangled plants and limbs left out for potential buyers to see.

When adding new plants to your home’s landscape, keep the season in mind and work with hues that will complement your home and the time of year. You can find flats of annual plants in a variety of colors at most hardware and landscaping stores that won’t break the bank, but will make your landscaping pop.

Use containers to add a touch of decoration.
Interesting, inexpensive containers can be found almost anywhere, from hardware stores to thrift shops, supermarkets, and even your own garage. While you should select containers that are tasteful and somewhat neutral, placing them strategically can help add depth to your landscaping and show buyers you put plenty of thought into how the outside of your home looks as well.

Clean up dirty surfaces and tie up loose ends.
Don’t let all of your hard landscaping work go to waste by leaving behind unsightly mulch stains, algae, or mold. Power wash your driveway, fences, bricks, and siding to leave them looking as good as new.

You should also replace any leaking hoses or faucets and repair any irrigation issues, which could end up leaving standing water or water stains for your showings. Making these simple repairs will also leaves buyers impressed with your attention to detail.

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