Volume One: Lewkowicz Real Estate Gazette

Volume Two: North Tampa Florida Lifestyle


Listing Properties
Customer Service
Successful Closings

Joe specializes in the residential market as Joe sells more houses in his area than any other realtor with sales doubling the next closest agent! Joe belongs to the NRT franchise, which is a real estate empire that was responsible for nearly $156 Billion in sales in recent years. Within NRT, Joe is among the top ½% in the country competing with top market agents in California, New York and Miami.


One of Joe’s best assets is his ability to meet the needs of each and every client. When you call Joe, you get Joe!


No-One works harder to sell your home. Joe gets his clients’ homes listed, seen and at the maximum potential sales price!


Joe provides value and credentials to his massive portfolio of homes sold. Joe is consistent and successful!


When it comes to listing your home, Joe is a valuable resource to get the best results at the best market price!