• September 17, 2018

Joseph Lewkowicz September Market Recap Report


Joseph Lewkowicz September Market Recap Report

In Joe Lewkowicz’s September livestream, he discusses how the real estate market is shaping up so far. In the stream, he presents a variety of topics and answers some questions provided by viewers who are looking for helpful advice on selling properties. The following sections summarize issues such as, which areas are increasing in price ranges, information on what you should do if you are a first-time buyer, this year’s sales compared to last year, and much more. As an experienced and award-winning real estate agent, Joe Lewkowicz aims to deliver the most up to date real estate news to readers and viewers like you. If you have any burning questions on how to better sell your home, contact Joe today!

 How Is the Market In The Fall?

The real estate market this Fall has continued to follow a similar pattern of last year’s fall season. The price ranges typically begin to decrease during September and this year shows very similar results. However, it is common for people to overestimate just how substantial the decline is. The market’s decline is minuscule at best and according to Joe, aiming to sell your home before December may not be a bad idea.

The price range continues to be within the $400,000 to $600,000 range in the North West Tampa area: an average that is not very different when compared to the price ranges that posted around the same time last year. The trend to watch for only show’s its face around December. During December it is estimated that the prices for homes increase overall, due to past trends during previous years. Joe says that the sudden change merely occurs because many people don’t want to deal with closing a sale during the holidays.

Joe’s first answer addresses common rookie buyer mistakes. He explains a matter that a lot of first-time buyers overlook when it comes to their budgets. In other words, it’s common for people not to be aware of precisely what they can afford. Joe says that before people start looking at listings, it’s vital for them to see a mortgage broker to settle what listings are realistic, as far as pricing is concerned.

The next question touches on price negotiations. Joe states that a common mistake that almost every home seller make has to do with mispricing. It’s a natural tendency to want to list prices high in order to leave room for negotiation, but in some case, this kind of thinking can be counter-intuitive. Listing your home above 2%, its actual listing worth can have consequences. When buyers see great listings, they may automatically be dismissive if your house is too high. Avoid people walking away by having the right price, to begin with. This is where your local real estate agent comes in handy. Real estate agents can give you expert advice and give you the best listing prices based on your area and other listed prices in the area, so don’t miss out and call your local real estate agent today!

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A realtor with extensive knowledge is essential to navigating the real estate market, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Joseph Lewkowicz’ 40 years of experience offers the best help for all buyers and sellers with questions on the housing market.

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