• October 12, 2018

Joseph Lewkowicz October Market Recap Report


Joseph Lewkowicz October Market Recap Report

In this month’s livestream call Joe talks about the status of October’s real estate market, the essential strategies for both new and experienced home seller’s, and the current real estate market during the Q&A section of the call.

Moreover, watch Joe as he discusses whether the holidays are an excellent time to sell, the best way to apply for home owner’s insurance, and much more in this month’s livestream recap report.

Joe begins the livestream by discussing several issues people usually run into during this time of the year. Hurricane Michael is passing the North Tampa Area, and luckily a lot of Floridians in the area have been spared from severe damages. Although the hurricane has not caused significant damage in the North Tampa Area, it still presents a few issues that tend to affect the area. For example, four-point inspections are going to be more popular with the standards of home safety. Roofing, plumbing, AC, and electric panels are all elements of home safety that plays a role in passing inspections. Roofing is taken rather seriously due to Florida’s history, and hurricane Michael is making safety that much more prevalent.

Fun fact! Did you know, homeowners who don’t replace roofing that is over 20 years old are required to have it replaced within three years or risk cancellation from insurance providers?

Another topic Joe discusses involves October’s predicted performance in the seller’s market. It’s no secret that the summer months are the peak of the seller’s market for real estate; however, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the time before the holidays does not have the potential to bring great opportunities to buyers and sellers alike. Many sellers try to sell before December 15th to receive benefits such as homestead exemption, and many buyers have affordable options do to this little rush in sales. According to Joe, if sellers have the opportunity to sell before December 15th, they should do so quickly.

As always Joe Lewkowicz opens the discussion to his audience and answers several of their real estate questions. In one question, a viewer asks about showcasing homes and how to know when showcasing is a good option. Joe states that showcasing can be a great and cost-effective way to have homes seen by potential buyers in most cases; however, there are some instances where there are better ways to get homes sold. The rule of thumb is that the more the house is worth, the more likely showcasing is a good option for home sellers. Another question asked how long homes stay in the market during October. Joe said that typically accurately priced homes sell in 30 to 45 days.

A realtor with extensive knowledge is essential to navigating the real estate market, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Joseph Lewkowicz’s 40 years of experience offers the best help for all buyers and sellers with questions on the housing market.

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