• January 18, 2019

Joseph Lewkowicz January 2019 Market Recap Report

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Joseph Lewkowicz January 2019 Market Recap Report

Joe Lewkowicz is a real estate agent in the North Tampa Bay area and has established himself as among the top .5% of realtors in the nation and is now ranked among the top 1% of agents internationally. He is consistent and provides all his clients with valuable market information and excellent customer service.

This month, Joe is back with another spectacular livestream discussing the latest reports about the real estate market including the current state of the market, the best time to buy and sell homes, avoiding scammers, and more. If you have any other questions that were unanswered in this month’s livestream, feel free to contact Joe at any time by phone (813) 701- 2030 or by visiting https://josephlewkowicz.com

The Overview of the Market in Northwest Tampa

The market for Northwest Tampa is going to be affected by the current interest rate. Right now, they are at 4.5%, which is about half a percent increase from December and January last year. Although, the market is generally unpredictable, Joe predicts this will slightly affect the real estate market.

Now is a great time to buy a house. However, interest rates are on the rise and buyers are much pickier about what they are willing to do about buying. Because of this, prices are slowly beginning to moderate, and Joe predicts a 3-4% increase in price.

Overall, this is a really good time to buy a house, and the market will start to pick up for those who are selling. March through July tend to be the best months. If the interest rates don’t change, there is going to be another strong year in home sales.

Live Q&A with Joe Lewkowicz

After he discusses the state of the real estate market, Joe answers some viewers’ questions in the livestream.

“When is it too soon to be looking at houses if you don’t plan on buying right away?”

According to Joe, if you plan to buy during the summer around May through July, you should start looking at homes right now. What’s currently happening is the start of the relocation season. Corporations that transfer people are sending them on buying trips around this time of the year. First, they check out the area while deciding to take the transfer or not if the option is given. Then, if they find a home they like, they will most likely purchase around April through June, especially for families that have kids and want to get settled before school starts.

This is why Joe stresses that it’s a good time to buy a house now to avoid the rush of the people who are being transferred.

“Should I be worried about scams when looking at online listings? What are some signs that they may be scams?”

Joe says that on any scam, you should never give any of your personal information. The biggest, most trusted sites with the most valuable information are realtor.com, zillow.com and trulia.com. If a site asks for your social security number, then there is a high chance that could be a scam. He recommends viewers to avoid smaller sites that ask for anything more personal than an email address.

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