• December 19, 2018

Joseph Lewkowicz December Market Recap Report


Joseph Lewkowicz December Market Recap Report

Joe Lewkowicz is an experienced and award-winning real estate agent based in the North Tampa Area, who aims to deliver the most up to date real estate news to readers and viewers like you. If you have any questions on the current real estate market, feel free to contact Joe Lewkowicz. In Joe Lewkowicz’s latest livestream, he discusses the current state of December’s real estate market and answers questions about the market and first-time homebuyers.

How is the market this December?

According to Joe, the market is slowing up a bit. In North West Tampa, it went from 759 house sales in 2017 with a median price of $299,000 to 704 house sales with a median price of $303,000. The houses that are in great shape and have had upgrades are flying out the door and are getting a lot of money for them. Joe mentions these homes are often being sold in less than 15 days. The ones that need work sit longer on the market or they take a hit. The last tip Joe gives the viewers is, for those who aren’t knowledgeable about selling, it may not be worth it to fix up your home. “People are not just buying anything,” Joe says, they want homes that are good looking.


Joe answers a few questions that viewers had during the livestream. One viewer asks, “Currently, how is the housing inventory at this time of year?” Joe replies that a lot of people don’t put their house on the market, especially during the holidays and winter season of December-February, so the inventory is about 2/3 of what it usually is in May-July. He also states that there are fewer buyers, so the prices are usually less. He recommends selling now because interest rates are unpredictable.

Another viewer asks, “Is the millennial generation a growing factor in the housing market?” Joe responds by stating that they are really starting to especially because they are starting to get jobs that have a high enough income to afford buying a house. Joe says the biggest struggle millennial’s are facing, however, is not having enough money for the down payment and have a hard time making sure their credit is high enough. Another struggle Joe says they face is trying to pay off student loans and paying their mortgage at the same time.

Being a first-time homebuyer can be a little confusing and it is important to learn as much as you can before beginning your house search. One viewer asks, “What are some good first-time homebuyers tips that you recommend?” Joe says always talk to a mortgage broker or bank that’s local, because often enough, they do not charge. He suggests spending as much as you can the first time you are getting a house because your income will be going up and you will regret getting a lesser house, especially if this means you will be having to buy another house in a couple of years.

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