• August 17, 2018

Joseph Lewkowicz August Market Recap Report


Joseph Lewkowicz August Market Recap Report

It’s August, and that means time to put your properties on the market because time is closing in faster than you might think. Fortunately, it’s not too late to sell. If you are looking to get professional advice on how to sell quickly and hassle-free, don’t hesitate and call Joe Lewkowicz today! Joe’s latest livestream has more than a few bits of advice on how you can get your property sold fast. He gives guidance on how to take full advantage of August’s strong housing market and how to price correctly, so you have a better chance of success and get the most out of the home selling experience.

In his latest livestream, Joe speaks on why you may be struggling to sell your home, what areas in the Northwest part of Tampa are popular, and how square footage is not necessarily a good indicator of a home’s value.

August’s housing market remains a strong time to sell despite a slow change in pricing, as this last hot selling month draws to an end. The change is not nearly significant enough to expect too much of difference compared to the previous month’s market. First-time buyers will be the most impacted due to decreasing inventory mostly because of payments not being affordable. Joe also emphasizes that since the most opportune selling time is coming to an end, it is best to stay away from being experimental with your pricing. If you are finding that determining a price is a struggle then instead of listening to your neighbor’s advice instead, contact your local real estate professional to hear the most up to date pricing information.

This month’s livestream has brought us some insightful information about the current housing market’s situation. For one, Joe expresses that even in the middle of August, it’s still possible to take full advantage of the month and sell before time runs out. The secret is to make sure your home has a price tag that makes sense. In another question, a viewer asks why his house hasn’t been sold despite being shown to countless potential buyers. In Joe’s response, he says that his experience has taught him that more often than not, houses that are slower to sell are the ones that have an inaccurate price tag. Joe also states that square footage is by far, not the only factor to consider when determining a price for your home.

Also in the livestream, one viewer asks about four-point inspections, which is a type of inspection that is unique to homes that are over twenty years old. It turns out that this inspection helps determine if a home over twenty years is eligible for an examination. The process of this inspection checks all of your homes most essential utilities. The air conditioning, plumbing, roof, and electrical systems all must be green-lighted before qualifying for an insurance plan.

To conclude his livestream, the last question asks him, where are the hottest areas in the Northwest Tampa market to live? These areas are popular for a few reasons, because of the restaurants, parks, and even schools. For example, houses in the Westchase community are prevalent, because of the convenience stores and shopping plazas located close by. Some are even in walking distance from the homes. One other hot spot is Carolwood Village, located right by the Old Carrollwood area. Its popularity stems from commodities such as, parks, lakes, golf courses, and other great locations that strengthen Carolwood’s appeal.

To catch all the questions in the Livestream call, click to watch on Joe’s TV Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwVCxXv6wT0S-LDFORWTwNw

A realtor with extensive knowledge is essential to navigating the real estate market, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Joseph Lewkowicz’ 40 years of experience offers the best help for all buyers and sellers with questions on the housing market.

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