• October 15, 2017

Joe Lewkowicz October Market Recap


Joe Lewkowicz October Market Recap

The housing market in North Tampa has proven to be a steady competitor with other areas of the country. To have the best deals, it takes an expert to understand the handlings involved with selling a house, ensuring a quick and easy closing process, and offering an accurate listing price based on the location and proper upkeep of a home.

Joe Lewkowicz discusses his typical sales/marketing plan, including his avenues for advertisement by mailings, videos, Zillo listings, and Facebook posts.

Ensuring first-time buyers have a pleasurable experience is an essential part of the real estate business. Weighing rental versus purchase options can vastly change the buying process.

The North Tampa market has some of the most significant seasonal real estate investments year round. Having an agent with enough experience about the area is an essential asset to acquire the best deal whether you are buying or selling.

For more information or to watch the full October Market Recap report visit Joe’s TV Channel by visiting, https://youtu.be/GO5fUTDAbjQ

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