• February 16, 2018

Joe Lewkowicz February Market Recap Report


Joe Lewkowicz February Market Recap Report

The Florida winters may not involve any snow, but the weather changes can have a drastic affect on a home’s landscape. Since it is almost consistently spring and summer here, it’s important to maintain a luscious, green yard, especially if you intend to sell your home anytime soon. Buying some flowers, mowing your lawn, and trimming the hedges are just a few of the small ways to help with the upkeep a front lawn needs. The front of the house is what will create a buyers initial impression on the rest of the home.

Selling a home is a large undertaking, but so is leasing one. The easiest way to decide on what course of action to take is by asking yourself if you can make 1%, from the full value of the house, in rent. If you can, then leasing is actually the better option. However, if the return on your investment into the home isn’t exactly worth it to you, it’s best to consider selling.

Have you taken a look at your roof lately? You may need to. Weather conditions and the age of a home put plenty of wear and tear on a roof. Get an inspector to see how much life is still left. An older home will more than likely require a good amount of maintenance.

A realtor with extensive knowledge is essential to navigating the real estate market, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Joseph Lewkowicz’ 40 years of experience offers the best help for all buyers and sellers with questions on the housing market.

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