• August 5, 2017

Joe Lewkowicz August Market Recap


Joe Lewkowicz August Market Recap

Joe Lewkowicz implores his viewers to have their home undergo an inspection before it is purchased in order to determine any issues the property may have. While all sellers are legally obligated to disclose key information to their buyers, such as water damage or repairs that have been made, not all sellers do, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to be vigilant rather than trusting.

North Tampa also has a plethora of properties that are worth investing in. The wide array of homes to choose from, which include waterfront homes, properties in secluded neighborhoods, and a range of both old and new houses, establishes a high probability that home buyers will find exactly what they are looking for.

Real estate is far easier to deal with if one has a guiding hand, something Joe Lewkowicz seeks to provide to those involved in the local market

The North Tampa real estate market has plenty of opportunity for those who choose to pursue it, but proper care must be taken before any pivotal actions, such as purchasing a home, are taken.

For more information or to watch the full July Market Recap report visit Joe’s TV Channel by visiting, https://youtu.be/Hof6Wj7uE-g

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