• January 15, 2018

Joe Lewkowicz January Market Recap Report


Joe Lewkowicz January Market Recap Report

In 2017, prices in real estate went anywhere from 4% at the lowest to 9% at the highest. Some of the most popular spots of 2017 were Carrollwood, Villa Rosa, Heritage Harbor, Stonebriar, and Westchase.

2018 appears to be headed in the same direction: however, there might be a slight decrease. January, February, and March is generally the best time to buy a house. For the next three months, prices will be lower, but the number on the market will also be less. Typically, prices rise in March, April, May, and June as more people try to buy into the market, but more housing options are available.

If you are interested in getting in the market, interest rates are still low; the fed rates haven’t been raised yet, although there is talk of doing so, and inflation hasn’t hit the real estate market as of yet.
The “Right to Inspect” contract clause is in most contracts and works in two ways.

The first is the seller will cover a certain amount or percentage of repairs of non-working items. This does not cover structural items or roof leaks, but it does cover a certain percentage of repairs needed on wood destroying organisms. The seller will also help and pay a certain amount to cure any permits.

The second way gives the buyer a certain amount of time to inspect the property, and they can cancel the contract for any reason whatsoever within that allotted time. They don’t have to hire a professional inspector to do this. This clause also allows puts any damage done to the house before the effective sale date on the seller. The seller may fight this, and argue that the buyer had it inspected before hand and bought it as is. If this happens, I suggest you seek legal advice. For more information visit https://josephlewkowicz.com/livestream

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