• February 19, 2017

Is Your Agent No Good? Don’t Be Afraid to Look Elsewhere

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Is Your Agent No Good? Don’t Be Afraid to Look Elsewhere

Business relationships can be very similar to personal relationships; there is a significant amount of time, trust, effort, and energy placed into another person. Also like personal relationships, you may find a time where it is appropriate for the two of you to go your separate ways.

A relationship with a real estate agent should always adhere to professional standards, but should also have enough subtle intimacy that you can communicate with them effectively and fluidly.

You may find it difficult to sever the relationship with your North Tampa real estate agent, but sometimes it is a necessity.

How Hard Are They Working?

Selling a home is a serious decision. For some, it is a business venture. For many, it is a life-changing moment and a stepping-stone into their future. Regardless of the impact selling a home has on your life, you should still make sure the person you have hired is performing efficiently.

Sometimes, homes don’t sell because the area’s market is saturated with properties and there is not enough demand. Other times, homes don’t sell because your agent is not doing their part to promote it. This may be a result of your agent handling too many clients simultaneously, but they may also be lazy and content with doing the bare minimum.

In either case, an agent who is not proactive will only waste your time and cause your Tampa real estate to sit longer on the market than it should.

Keep Others in Mind

In the event that the individual you hired to handle selling your property is not meeting the standards you set, it would be a wise decision to look elsewhere. However, you may find it difficult to immediately locate a capable real estate agent if you have not already established contact with another.

Having a list of solid professionals to fall back on can save you valuable time when selling your home if you end up having to find another real estate agent. Selling your home is stressful enough, so you want to make sure you have the best options available.

Know When to Draw the Line

It is not uncommon to feel reluctant to tell an agent you would no longer like to work with them. Such a conversation, even if it is held over the Internet, can be awkward and unpleasant, especially if the real estate agent is not aware that you will be letting them go.

While it is important to give busy agents a bit of leeway due to their cumbersome workload, you should not allow them to handle your home’s sale if they are frequently late to meetings, unresponsive to calls or emails, and have not generated significant leads on your home.

Remember: your agent works for you, so they should be doing just that—working. If it seems as if your property has become an afterthought in the agent’s schedule, there are more than likely ten more people willing to do their job, and more efficiently, too.

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