• March 11, 2019

Important Things to Know When Pricing a House


Important Things to Know When Pricing a House

When selling your house, the entire process is already difficult in itself, but setting the price can also be a challenge. There are many factors to be considered when figuring out a price for your home. If you want to get the maximum value for your home when it gets listed on the market, here are some important things to know when it comes to pricing.

Price it Lower

With the high stakes that come with real estate, buyers don’t want to be the only ones interested in a single home for sale. If you set a price on the cheaper end of the range of values, you might be able to attract the interest of multiple buyers. This is also helpful if you want to sell quickly.

Make it Appear in Real Estate Searches

It is common for a real estate agent to create an automated buyer search in their database of properties. This is because many buyers ask for something specific like a home with four bedrooms in a certain neighborhood that is under $800k.

If you list your home at $820k, a potential buyer might miss this. If the price is too high, you might be missing a chunk of buyers. This, unfortunately, happens quite often.

Set an Appropriate Asking Price

It’s not uncommon for sellers to ask for strange prices. Sometimes, when a home is valued between $450k and $500k, the seller asks for something like $488,552, which is rather odd. This may bring the attention of buyers viewing prices, but nothing good comes out of this. They tend to wonder why a seller selected that price and sometimes even try to find out who it could be.

The seller should be almost invisible because the goal is to showcase the house and appeal to as many people as possible. Don’t try to be quirky with your pricing.

Develop the Pricing Contingency Plan

Before placing your home on the market, try to develop a pricing contingency plan. Many sellers tend to have high expectations toward the physical appearance of their home and ask for the highest price possible. Sometimes, they do not care if their real estate agent says they most likely won’t get it.

Be Aware of Comparables

It’s important to know the average price of homes being sold in your neighborhood to help you set a more realistic price. To do this, you can look for homes that sold in the past three months, which is what appraisers look at.

Note the Square Footage

You should look at the square footage of your home to help you determine the right value. Then, compare it to other homes with a close square footage.

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