• August 21, 2017

How To Sell A House Where Pets Live

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How To Sell A House Where Pets Live

Pets are adorable and great companions to have, except when you are going to sell your home. It’s sad to say, but homebuyers who are interested in buying your home, have a hard time committing to a home that has pets. Experts believe some reasons include: pets make people uncomfortable and nervous, also some people might be afraid of animals, and lastly, your pets aren’t their pets.

Therefore, if you truly want a seller to be interested in your home, consider these solutions on cleaning up and putting away pets when potential homebuyers visiting.

Moving Your Pet To Another Place
The best way to sell your home is to relocate your pets to another location while your home is on the market. Although this may be hard for some animal lovers, putting them away will help your home sell for its full value.

Some options include, letting a friend or relative take care of them. Or if there’s no one in mind, try boarding them at the local kennel. Another option would be to send them on a short vacation or taking them to work with you for the day. Anything works, just to get them out the house for a couple of days.

Erase Any Signs Of Pets
It’s important to disclose that pets have lived in your home, but something to remember is, you don’t need to advertise that a pet has been there. Erasing any signs that you’ve had a pet is a good start.

Some ways to do this is to not put photos online showing any animals in the house, sealing up all doggie doors, putting away food and water bowls, vacuuming the house for pet hair, and picking up any pet toys. Especially, vacuuming the house for pet hair because some visitors might be allergic.

However, if you don’t want to take any professional advice, then instead of erasing, at least minimize any signs of pets. Start off with keeping cat litter boxes and dog potty pads out of sight or clean. Nothing turns away a buyer quicker than the smell of a stinky cat box.

Also, hiring a professional to remove any carpet or floor stains from the animals. Buyers will sure enough spot any stains and have unfavorable opinions about it.

Take these tips into consideration, because remember, you want homebuyers to love your home, not your pets.

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