• February 12, 2018

Making a Good First Impression Inside and Out


Making a Good First Impression Inside and Out

You’ve heard it a million times before. If you want to sell your house, you need to clean and declutter. This is because many home buyers decide if they’re going to buy a home before stepping foot in the house. In fact, the average home buyer chooses if they want a home in a matter of seconds. This means making a good first impression is critical to the sale of your house.

Your first impression begins with your home’s online listing. A good photo on a listing is essential to making a good impression because nine out of ten buyers will begin their home search online and having quality photos online is what gets them to your house. Before doing any outside renovations on your home, take a picture of your house and ask yourself: “What do I see?” This can guide you throughout the renovation process. After you have the house where you want it, look at some real estate agent‘s current listings to see what kind of quality images they use. If all else fails, you can always take photos yourself. If you’re going to do this, make sure you take pictures on a sunny day to show off your home.

After you get some interested buyers online, it won’t be long before they are asking to view the house. Making the first impression continues as potential buyers pull into your driveway. To make a good first impression you have to learn to think like a buyer, so look for any repairs that need to be made on the walkway up to the house. This may mean changing the door or working on landscaping.  You should also pay attention to external lighting, and any changes you make should be on the conservative side. Focus less on making your home seem unique and more on making it look like a blank canvas. This includes de-cluttering and de-personalizing. You can do this by moving trash bins, recycling tubs, lawn ornaments, and your car.

Finally, the inside of your house must match the outside. No one is going to buy your home if it isn’t as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. The interior of the house should also be clutter free and have fantastic lighting; this may include switching out plastic lighting fixtures with glass and taking down family photos or wall art. Also, make sure your hose smells fresh and clean. The last thing people want to do is buy a house that smells like wet dog. Remember to focus mainly on the bathrooms and kitchens when home showing to have the greatest effect.

First impressions begin online, but they don’t end there. A full first impression includes online viewing, the exterior, and the interior. Each of these aspects must work together to be effective. Keep in mind, if even one part of these areas don’t meet expectations you can kiss many potential buyers goodbye, or you may be forced to sell your home for less than it’s worth.

Stress is one of the largest concerns when selling a home. Staging, managing finances and documents, and simultaneously juggling the rest of your life can be completely draining. However, one thing is certain about selling your home: it’s a lot easier when you have a solid real estate agent to handle it. Remember, No-One Works Harder to Sell your Home more than Joe! Contact Joe today by calling 813-908-7293 or visit https://josephlewkowicz.com/