• February 18, 2017

Find a Realtor Who Specializes in What You Need

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Find a Realtor Who Specializes in What You Need

Real estate is a huge field with many different kinds of properties and areas of specialization. An agent who specializes in just a few areas of real estate develops extensive knowledge in and important skills pertaining to those areas. It goes without saying: when you are considering potential real estate agents for your upcoming transaction, you should look for one who focuses in your area of need.

When it comes to real estate, some of the most common areas of expertise, include:
• Luxury
• Commercial sales
• Office leasing
• Residential investing
• Foreclosures
• Apartment and multi-family rentals
• Government-sponsored housing placement
• Senior living
• Relocation

Why work with a specialized agent?
Narrowing professional focus and deeming themselves specialized in a certain area allows agents to show clients their dedication and experience. North Tampa real estate agents choose to specialize in areas that interest them most and those that best suit their skillset, knowledge, and personality. Some real estate agents also have additional letters after their names, signifying that they have had additional training in a certain area. Examples of this are: CRS (Certified Residential Specialist), ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Representative), and SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist).

Just as you will be more comfortable working with an agent who specializes in the type of real estate you are interested in buying or selling, they are more comfortable working in an area that they have extensive knowledge and experience in. While it is not impossible to work outside their focus area, many realtors consider it a disservice to clients and choose not to as a result.

In addition to more general experience and knowledge in a certain area of practice, specialized agents also acquire specific market knowledge for their niche areas; develop professional negotiation skills specific to their area of focus; and gain a firm grasp on industry standards, legalities, and contract writing. Additionally, these agents, because of their time spent working within an industry, often acquire lengthy lists of professional connections that can be helpful in speeding up the transaction process or getting past any bumps on the road to closing.

How can you find an agent that specializes in your area of need?
One way to locate an agent who focuses in a particular area is to look at properties that have recently been listed or sold and checking to see what realtor is associated with the transaction. You can search online or in newspapers, ask friends, or take notice of for-sale signs you see in your local area.

Another great way to find a realtor with certain credentials, especially if the North Tampa neighborhoods they are working in is very specific or highly specialized, is to contact any local realtors you know. A real estate agent knows the most about what type of realtor best fits the bill for a certain project, and chances are, if you are searching for someone outside this realtor’s area of expertise, they will have no problem at all making a recommendation.

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