• February 21, 2019

Can You Get A Home With Bad Credit? [February 2019 Market Recap Report]


Can You Get A Home With Bad Credit? [February 2019 Market Recap Report]

If you want to sell your home now you should start getting ready. March is the beginning of the summer selling season and also the season of relocating. Families that are relocating are checking out schools and communities now. They stop looking around June or July. Joseph Lewkowicz believes you should act quickly because it will start to slow up around when school begins. Joe states that during this summer season homes should be selling fast, especially if you make sure to keep your home updated. And luckily this year, the FED did not raise interest rates, so studies show it will remain steady.

After the market recap, Joe proceeds to answer questions from viewers. Joe uses his years of experience to help provide viewers with insight into the current market and the various questions you may have when buying or selling your home. Joe shares ways to prepare your home if you plan to sell in it the summer. He also explains to first-time home buyers what the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) is and what kind of credit score you need to buy a home.


How should I start preparing my home if I am selling it in the summer?
If you plan to sell your home this summer, you will not have enough time to make renovations like putting in a new bathroom or kitchen. Instead, you should focus on something that will not take too much time. Putting a new layer of paint is the best way to get the most bang for your buck. Joe suggests looking for the latest trends in colors to keep up with the competition. Another suggestion to step up your home is landscaping. Adding mulch is a cheap way to elevate your home. The more money you put into the house the more you will be able to sell it for.

What is a Homeowner’s Association?
They vary from having strict rules to having almost none at all. Most communities are deed restricted, they have certain rules you have to follow. Homeowner’s associations are the ones that enforce the rules. Sometimes there is a required monthly amount to pay for HOA. Most larger communities usually have voluntarily ones that aren’t as enforced. Smaller communities, especially gated ones, usually have stricter regulations. Some of these regulations include rules about maintaining your yard or enforcing rules in their clubhouse.

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