• December 22, 2016

The 5 Best Tampa Bay Locations to Purchase a New Home

The 5 Best Tampa Bay Locations to Purchase a New Home

Buying a home, especially your first, can prove to be a daunting task. Loan officers, interest rates, and the multitude of costs that come with home purchasing can be enough to make buyers feel helpless. To add to all of that, you might not even know where exactly you want to purchase your home, or even where to start looking.

North Tampa Bay has proven to be the premier location in South Florida for buyers to purchase a home. With its lush scenery and relaxed lifestyle, Tampa Bay is the perfect area to relocate to. Here are the five best locations in the region that are worth looking into if you are planning on buying a home:

Harbour Island
Nestled between the Seddon and Sparkman channels on its own patch of verdant land, Harbour Island is a haven in itself. Various attractions are within walking distance of the island, including Channelside, the Tampa Convention Center, and a variety of cafes/restaurants.

The residential property in Harbour Island features luxurious high-rise condos that overlook the surrounding channels and out onto the Hillsborough Bay. Near the coasts of the triangular isle lie the community’s most opulent homes, some of which come equipped with docks and direct access to the channels.

North Hyde Park
North Hyde Park sits near the center of West Tampa in between downtown and the West Shore district. Its location is unique in the fact that it provides residents with quick access to I-275 and I-4, both of which are common routes for commuters to take to work.

Like Harbour Island, the most expensive homes are located along the waterfront, which in North Hyde Park is the Hillsborough Bay. Due to its proximity to downtown, Channelside, and other appealing locations in the city of Tampa, North Hyde Park is a great residential area for buyers.

Tampa-Bayshore Gardens
Not to be confused with Bayshore Gardens, which is located in Manatee County, Tampa-Bayshore Gardens is a waterfront neighborhood along the Hillsborough Bay that sits adjacent to North Hyde Park.

Featuring serene, relaxed scenery and gorgeous, cozy homes, the neighborhood is perfect for those who are looking for a calm location with a scenic landscape to settle into. The neighborhood has the same ease of access to nearby attractions as North Hyde Park, although Tampa-Bayshore Gardens is slightly more affluent.

Tampa Palms
This neighborhood covers an expansive region that has over 13,000 residents. It lies just northeast of the University of South Florida, and is home to the renowned Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club. With so many homes to choose from, there is property for virtually every budget.

The southern end of the area is in very close proximity to the university community, while the central and northern segments have an older demographic.

Beach Park
Beach Park is a neighborhood that borders the edge of Old Tampa Bay and is located right between Stoney Point and West Shore Palms. The convoluted layout of the waterfront area of Beach Park results in many calm, secluded sections of the neighborhood that extend out into the bay.

The homes in the central region of Beach Park are modestly priced, while the most extravagant and expensive are located on the western end by the bay.

Tampa Bay has plenty to offer buyers of all types, whether they are looking for property to rent to others, or a home for themselves. The unique and beautiful atmosphere that the bay creates offers residents an environment that is unlike any other in the state of Florida. For more information regarding the best locations to purchase a new home, [Click Here].