• June 21, 2017

A for Effort: Showcasing Your Renovations for Potential Buyers

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A for Effort: Showcasing Your Renovations for Potential Buyers

While the housing market is the strongest it has been in years, many homeowners still take the opportunity to make renovations and improvements to their home before bringing it to market. Whether it is new floors, a fixed roof, or the removal of a wall, renovations give you a great chance of attracting potential buyers and upping your asking price. Given the amount of time and money which you may invest in renovations and general home improvements, it is important to showcase this work to potential buyers when they are in the process of viewing your home. Below are critical points to consider when looking to highlight your hard work and help you sell your home.

Don’t Be Shy!
While not everyone is a people person, especially when it comes to selling your home, dialogue is very important when attempting to describe various areas of your home to a potential buyer. When it comes to describing your efforts towards renovations and improvements, you must be vocal with a potential buyer about what you did and when you did it. For example, if you recently had your counter tops updated, it would be critically important to verbally describe this process to a buyer when they are viewing the kitchen area. While modesty is not a bad thing, you must be proud of your hard work when it comes to renovations and improvements.

Use Before and After Photos
A buyer may verbally understand the improvements you made to your home, but this drastic change is made immediately known through the use of before and after photos. If you had your wood floors refinished, these photos would allow a buyer to see exactly how much better the space looks compared to months prior. Some homeowners have expressed doubt in this idea, noting that a before photo may convince a buyer than the home was recently in disrepair. In reality, a buyer is not purchasing the home from three months ago, they are purchasing the home you have today. Before and after photos show that you were committed to changing your home for the better, an idea any buyer would appreciate.

Describe the Time and Money Expended
Some people can tend to be discreet when it comes to the dollar and cents spent on an improvement or renovation, but it is important that a buyer has an idea of roughly how much money it took to complete these types of projects. Given that you likely spent a considerable amount of money to bring your home up to speed, this cost will be factored into your asking price. Buyers will understand that you came out of pocket to make necessary changes, making your asking price seem much more reasonable.
In addition to money, the amount of time spent on a renovation project will make a buyer understand how much of a personal sacrifice it was for you. A 40-hour renovation would mean time focused away from work and family, a point which should not go unnoticed.

Be Proud of Your Work!
Even though you’re selling your home, you should be proud of the work you put in during a renovation. By following these tips, your efforts will be rewarded with a quick sell and plenty of cash to spare!

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