• May 22, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Home as Neutral as Possible

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5 Ways to Make Your Home as Neutral as Possible

While you have likely spent many years turning your house into the ideal setting, it is important to make your home seem as neutral as possible while staging your home. By turning your home into a blank canvas, buyers will be able to easily picture themselves enjoying your home in the near future. In order to help you better understand how to make your home neutral, below are 5 helpful tips.

Remove Family Photos

When preparing a home for buyers, owners often forget to remove family photos. While most buyers would be comfortable viewing photos of your family during staging, this actually prevents them from imagining themselves within the home. Buyers want to be able to envision their family within the space, making your family photos more of a distraction than a decoration. Before buyers visit your home, be sure to collect all family photos and store them in a safe place.

Store Children’s Toys

Your children may be the center of your world, but this is not always the case with potential buyers. Some buyers do not have children, making children’s toys another distraction which would stand in the way of them feeling comfortable in the home. In addition, toys tend to seem more like clutter when compared to other items in your home. Before scheduling a visit, be sure that all toys and other child related articles are stored out of sight from potential buyers.

Consider Painting with a Neutral Color

After living in your home for many years, there is a chance that you have likely painted at least one of your rooms within an extreme color. While you may enjoy the look of your hot pink dining room, this could potentially turn some buyers away from home. During staging, it is important to evaluate which areas of your home lack a neutral color. Consider painting these areas with off white or beige paint. Neutral colors will allow buyers to concentrate on the features of the room instead of the paint on the wall.

Remove Excess Furniture

Beyond painting and removing personal items from your home, it is important to assess if you have excess furniture. Besides making your rooms seem smaller, excess furniture will prevent buyers from imagining exactly what they could use the space for. While you do not have to get rid of excess furniture, consider placing extra items in an attic, shed, or off-site storage unit.

Clean Up Exterior Areas

Besides making the inside of your home seem like a blank canvas, it is also important to clean up any exterior areas as well. While staging a home, many people tend to neglect their yards and porches, making the areas a turn off for potential buyers. Some of the most commonly overlooked items are lawnmowers, sports equipment, and trash cans. By removing these items, your exterior areas will not only be tidier, they will serve as the blank canvases buyers are looking for during the viewing process.

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