• May 4, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Porch is Important During Staging

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5 Reasons Why Your Porch is Important During Staging

While you are focused on many areas of your home during staging, you have likely neglected your porch during this process. While this area may seem minute, it plays a large role in convincing potential buyers to purchase your home in the long run. In order to help you understand this, below are 5 reasons why your porch is important when you try to determine how to stage your home.

1. It is the First Things Buyers Will See
Upon arriving at your home for the first time, potential buyers will immediately notice your porch. Essentially, this means that your porch will essentially become the most important aspect of your overall curb appeal. In order to make sure that you are ensuring a positive first impression, it is important to take note of any issues which would detract from your porch’s image.

2. Buyers Will Form an Opinion about the Rest of your Home
After seeing your porch, buyers will quickly assess its quality and form an opinion about the rest of your home while looking to purchase a house. While buyers get the opportunity to see the rest of your home in its entirety, their first impression of your porch will be essentially set the tone for their viewing experience. If you have a porch which impresses a potential buyer, it may allow them to overlook other areas of your home which are not as flattering. On the other hand, a below average porch will give buyers a negative opinion of the rest of your home, even if the remaining areas live up to their personal standards.

3. It Serves as a Meeting Area
Depending on the time of year, it is very likely that your porch will serve as a meeting area for you and potential buyers. If you are attempting to sell your home in a timely manner, it is important to make your porch seem just as welcoming as your other areas. By meeting with potential buyers on an amazing porch space, they will instantly feel more inclined to purchase your home.

4. Buyers Will Imagine Themselves Using your Porch
As is true with other areas of your home, buyers will attempt to imagine themselves using your porch during the viewing process. If you have a porch which requires improvements, buyers will foreshadow themselves putting in hard work rather than relaxing in comfort. This could lead to them forming a negative opinion of your home, even if the needed improvements are minor.

5. Improvements are Usually Easy
Since your porch plays such a crucial role in developing the image of your home to a potential buyer, it is important to make any positive changes as quickly as possible. Luckily, improvements to your porch are generally easy and rather inexpensive. At the minimum, it is likely that you will only need to update your furniture and apply a few fresh coats of paint. If your porch has major issues, such as structural damage, it is important to assess your potential options before moving into the viewing process. While damage may require professional help, there is the possibility that you could turn some issues into a DIY project in order to save money. Regardless, improvements to your porch will be much cheaper than other areas of your home and will greatly improve your chances of finding a committed buyer.

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