• April 30, 2017

4 Things to Expect from Snooping Buyers

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4 Things to Expect from Snooping Buyers

While preparing your home for staging can be an exciting time, especially because it offers the chance to finally sell your home, it can also be frustrating once potential buyers actually start arriving. Among the many things which happen during this process, snooping is one thing which you must expect from potential buyers. People are naturally curious, especially when viewing a home they might possibly purchase in the near future. While you would expect buyers to check typical places, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, they tend to look in places you would consider more private. In addition, you may find them viewing your home at inappropriate times, even if your real estate agent has set a specific timeframe. In order to give you an idea of what to prepare for, below are 4 things to expect from snooping buyers.

They will look in your closet
While it is natural for a potential buyer to view a closet in order to get a better idea of how they would use the space, buyers typically spend much more time inside a closet than expected. While some of this time is used productively, such as looking for hangar and shelf space, most of it is actually used looking at your personal articles of clothing. If you have a problem with a potential buyer spending excessive time in your closet space, consider moving your clothes to another part of the house or into a suitcase during the staging process. This will lend you more privacy while creating less of a distraction for a snooping buyer.

They will open your drawers
Unlike closets, buyers do not necessarily need to look into drawers to understand how they will use them. None the less, buyers will likely open up your drawers to see what type of items you have stored inside. Anything left in your drawers will be openly inspected by buyers. If you tend to store personal items in your drawers, such as important documents and family photos, consider moving these to your car or another secure area of the home.

They will check for cleanliness
Cleanliness is arguably the most important factor of your home during staging. While you will likely perform a basic level of cleaning around your home, buyers will look anywhere and everywhere for signs of dirt and dust. Because of this, you will simply have to think outside of the box and extensively clean odd areas of your home. Some of the most commonly checked places include ceiling fan blades, kitchen cabinets, and even your oven.

They will come back at unannounced times
Even after snooping buyers have viewed your home once, you cannot rule out the possibility of them coming back at unannounced times. A common trend in the buying process is to bring relatives and friends over to the potential home and show them exterior areas, like the front and back yard. While buyers will attempt to be discreet as possible about this, you are likely to look out your window to find an uninvited group of people snooping around your property. If you are uncomfortable about this, as most people are, kindly ask the group to leave and come back at a more appropriate time.

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